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Please contact us for pictures of currently available pieces!

The following teapots are examples of Nishi's work. There are three pictures for each, including a close-up and a picture of the hand-built ceramic strainer in the spout. Written to the right of each teapot, you can find the product number, style, glaze, size, and price, as well as the teapot's availability. Note that each teapot is one-of-a-kind, so while you can certainly order a teapot marked "None available," the teapot you receive may differ slightly in shape and glaze color. That's the fun of pottery!
*For information on cleaning a teapot or using a Japanese teapot, see "Use of Japanese Teapots" on the page entitled "Various Tidbits."
Enjoy browsing!

















Western-style teapot


Glaze: Green ash



Diameter: 5.5 in

Width+handle:  in

Depth+spout:  in

Height: 3.5 in

Holds: 3.5 c