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How to Use Your Japanese Teapot
This style teapot is quite typical in Japan. Follow the steps below to learn how to use your new Japanese-style teapot!
FAQ #1: Many people ask how to clean their teapot. While you can certainly scrub yours or put it in the dishwasher, believe it or not, the Japanese do not clean their teapots. They believe that the build-up of resin on the inside of the teapot over time actually adds to the flavor of their tea.
FAQ #2: All of our teapots have ceramic strainers built into their spouts. This is for tea drinkers who make their tea by using tea leaves. You can put tea leaves directly into the pot and let them float freely during steeping. When you pour the tea into your cup, the strainer will prevent most of the tea leaves from leaving the teapot. Generally, when small leaves do enter the cup, the Japanese drink them because of the nutrients they provide. When you are ready to replace your tea leaves, you can put water into the teapot, swish it around to catch the tea leaves, and dump them down the waste disposal system in your sink (not recommended if you do not have a waste disposal system). Another idea is to dump the tea leaves into a large mesh strainer and then into the garbage or compost. Alternatively, you can fertilize your outside plants or garden with the used tea leaves (not recommended for inside plants because the tea leaves can mold more easily indoors).

Step 1


The bulb is the handle on a Japanese-style teapot; put your open hand around the bulb.

Step 2


Scooch your hand up on the bulb and stretch your thumb to the lid; your thumb will hold the lid on the teapot while you pour.













Step 3


Rotate your wrist and the teapot forward to pour the contents into your cup.