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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

The true taste of green tea is not well known in America. So how can you brew and enjoy the perfect cup of green tea at home? First, buy some loose green tea leaves. Try not to go for the cheapest ones, as they will have little difference in flavor from ordinary green tea bags. Put a tablespoon of the leaves into a teapot with a strainer. Then, heat some water until it boils. Now comes the secret to a perfect cup of green tea. The temperature of the water needs to be reduced to about 175 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring it over the tea leaves. This will prevent scorching and will allow for the proper release of flavor. To reduce the temperature of the water, pour it into a ceramic mug and then into a second mug. Each time this is done, the temperature drops about 20 degrees. Now pour the hot water over the tea leaves and let them seep for about 1 minute. Empty the pot into your mug and enjoy the refreshing taste of green tea. The tea leaves can be used up to 3 times before the flavor is lost.


Do you still have questions about brewing the perfect cup of green tea? Or are you interested in adding a Japaense teapot to your collection? Feel free to contact us, or better yet, visit us at any of our art fairs to ask questions, check out both Japanese-style and western-style teapots, and enjoy the simplicity and natural beauty of other Japanese pottery.


--Hironobu Nishitateno, Nanten Pottery

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