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Nanten is a very special term in Japan, which represents a beautiful plant and carries Japanese symbolism in the kanji characters.

Nanten is a decorative shrub native of Japan, also known as Nandina domestica and Heavenly Bamboo. The bright red berries of the Nanten plant are the inspiration for my logo. 

The kanji characters for "Nanten" are: 南天  Separately, the characters mean "South" and "Heaven," which hold 

special meaning for me, as I studied pottery in Southern Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture. As a pair, the characters are symmetric, which gives one the feeling that nothing is hidden; I make all of my work with positive, honest intentions. Finally, another Japanese word sounds like Nanten but is written with different kanji characters meaning "difficult" and "change." In Japan, this is interpreted as lucky because the word has power to change something bad into something good; success will come from mistakes. 

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